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High Ticket Coaching – Latest 7 Secrets to Explode Your High Ticket Coaching

Strive for consistency in your content. This will be helpful for your students. Your reputation for excellence will spread like wildfire when prospects realize your program is superior to others on the ‘net. Base program changes on feedback you get after your prospects hear your content. Direct traffic like crazy through your article marketing article writing to your squeeze page. Just like being at the grocery store where food samples are being freely given away, when you give away great program content, your prospects gobble it up. Keep reading and learn the latest 7 secrets to explode your high ticket coaching.

  1. Coaching using electronic information methods is a convenient, time- and cost-effective way to provide your students with your high quality coaching program. Teach using e-books, PDF reports, audio recordings, etc., and your students get your amazing program content and your budget is in good shape, too. When you create CDs there is a materials cost. But with digital information product techniques, there is a time and research cost mainly. They are also instantly available for sale to your customers. That’s convenient for you both!

  2. Hosting teleseminars can be a great way to connect “live” with your prospects and with your customers. When you do teleseminars, it adds a “realness” element to you and your services. People are much more likely to buy from you when they can actually talk with you compared with having a hard time talking with the creator of a CD program they bought somewhere online.

  3. Remember to extend your product line in ways relevant to your niche market. Remember the more programs you offer to your niche market, the more revenue streams you can tap into. I recommend you write out a product creation plan. Keep creating products that appeal and are wanted by your niche market that are unavailable form any other source.

  4. Conduct teleclasses and record them. Turn those recordings into products. You can create single CD recordings or making them into a services. Either way, this is yet another revenue stream you can tap into.

  5. You can create products using the expertise of others. Remember, it’s okay that you can only be an expert in some areas. Create an interview with another expert in your field that is not a conflict of interest with what you do. The two of you could do a joint venture and sell your recordings to each of your lists.

  6. How can you apply your coaching program to a hobby or special interest group? Suppose you have a passion for dog training. How could dog trainers benefit from coaching expertise? Research it and see if it would be profitable to market to this niche.

  7. Suppose you’ve discovered a performance gap in your niche. You’ve been looking for some information and discover there’s nothing relevant or useful. Research it with your niche. This could be an new product opportunity in the making if other people are looking for this information, too.

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