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High Ticket Coaching – Revealed – 5 Methods to Multiply Your High Ticket Coaching

Remember one of the most important things about your high ticket coaching is developing relationships with your niche market. When you write article marketing articles, write articles that cause a reader to want to find out more about you and your offers. Provide tips and strategies that are helpful. The people reading your articles seek answers to very pressing problems. Relate to their concerns and provide information that solves their problems using your offers. Think about this. You do really care to help them. So, develop a meaningful relationship with them to stay in business. Read through to see revealed 5 methods to multiply your high ticket coaching.

  1. Write lots of article marketing articles to get people to come to your squeeze pages. When they download your free e-books and audio downloads, they are getting content samples of your program. When they hear or read your content samples, it’s like tasting a sample in a grocery store. When you taste a food sample in a grocery store, that’s when you increase the chances of buying that product, right? It’s the same theory with article marketing articles and the free downloads you offer on your squeeze pages.

  2. You make money by sending traffic to your squeeze pages not your sales pages. Your prospects finding your quality content samples is what makes them pick you as a paid provider. So, keep creating those free and paid products and services. It is worth your while. When you create free samples of your work, you can use that to entice interested prospects.

  3. I am just learning about generating traffic using videos. You’ll see in my first videos that I’ve merely got my picture up there but you can hear my voice. It’s not really me moving around. I’m just experimenting to see what I like and what my listers prefer. Remember, everything we do during life is all made up anyway.

  4. Your business relies on how you serve your customers. Serving your customers is different than blindly pleasing your customers. Blindly pleasing your customers means that you work every day until you make yourself sick thinking that pleasing your customers is more important than thinking clearly and taking care of yourself. Serving your customers is setting realistic limits that benefit both you and your customers. So, if you decide to do video marketing, remember to serve your customers while also doing what you love to do within realistic goals for yourself.

  5. Review your site through your ideal customer’s mindset. Picture this person in “pain”, without your pain relieving products and services. What content on your website or in your articles might affect your prospect’s buying choice? Think “alleviate suffering.” What pain can you imagine eliminating via your products and services? Remember, your customer is looking to get something he or she currently is without. Write down your pain alleviating answers. Then, edit your list with descriptive copy that demonstrates how your products and services can relieve your visitor’s pain.

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