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High Ticket Marketing – Announcing 4 Methods to Grow Your High Ticket Marketing

As a result of the time you spend developing your superior coaching program content, you naturally increase the odds of high profits for your business. Why? Because when efficiency becomes part of superior business plans that are actually enacted, a logical and natural result occurs. People come to your coaching program instead of your competitors’ programs. When you provide what’s missing in your niche market, you’ve closed a performance gap. A performance gap is a business activity needed in a niche market to make the business more convenient or profitable. When qualified prospects find your superior coaching program, they finally fill that empty performance gap void. And, you grow your high ticket coaching program. Announcing 4 methods to grow your high ticket marketing.

Promote your expertise and become known as a trusted advisor by your niche market. Here are some ways to do that:

  1. An effective way to promote your expertise is by blogging. When you blog about your products, programs, business, and your increasing niche market knowledge, people develop a relationships with you, trust you and become your customers and friends.

  2. People really like getting quality information to solve their most pressing problems. You can create a comparative analysis table on your website. In this table, you show how continuing to do what someone has always done nets the same result. But, by changing just one thing, all situations may be favorably affected. Too often people feel afraid to change. The change brings the unfamiliar. But, change also brings improvements. Share that concept.

For example, on one side of the chart, talk about life previous to the x-ray machine. List the disadvantages of people being without the services of an x-ray machine. Then, list the advantages of using an x-ray machine. When the x-ray machine first came out, people felt afraid to be x-rayed. But nowadays, after people have outgrown the fear of using x-ray machines, getting your body x-rayed isn’t even given a second thought. It’s standard medical practice for revealing broken bones.

Similarly, some people may feel hesitant to be your coaching program student. They may be focusing on perceived possible disadvantages of doing the necessary work to be a business success. When people do that, they stay stuck. So, create a comparative chart on your website. Show the disadvantages of doing nothing to become a business owner, then show the benefits of “risking” learning how to run a profitable business. Provide information so your prospects can see the value of your program.

  1. Intentionally connect with your target market. People buy from marketers they personally know. So, let your prospects get to know you.

  2. Give prospects your email address with an invitation to write to you with their questions about how to solve a pressing problem in your niche. Make sure to answer them using information or tools that can really help them solve their problem. Doing this, you acknowledge that you feel that these people feel are important and valued by you.

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