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When is the Best Time to Clean a Registry?

As regards to windows registry and all other recovery and maintenance tools, it is best to schedule the operation periodic ally, according to usage and the type of operations which the computer is made to perform. Periodic scanning and cleaning of the registry should be performed based on how often the registry is altered. Most people would scream “I have never touched my registry; in fact I do not know where it is”. But the truth is that most people make changes to their registry without being aware of it.

A windows registry is the central database controlling all the operations of a computer. It is where all the settings and files for your operating system, hardware and software are stored. The registry is altered each time the following operations are performed:

Installing new software, which add files to the registry, in order for the software to work properly.

Downloading of files from the internet. Music, video, software and even application files like wall paper, screen saver, calendar and others which add to the registry.

Infections by virus, malware and adware which cause damage to the registry.

Incomplete un-installation of programs from the hard disc which leave unused files in the registry.

Over time the cumulative effect of these registry alterations can lead to the files being corrupt, damaged or even lost, thereby making the computer behave in any of the following ways;

Inability to start.

The computer screen turns blue either during an operation or during start up.

Considerable slowing down of computer operations, including the browser.

Frequent freezing or hanging of the computer, leading to forceful restarting of the system, which can further damage the registry.

Getting annoying pop-up error messages when launching a program.

In conclusion, run a registry scan immediately if the system exhibits any of the above problems to forestall further degradation of your pc. But if the system does not exhibit any problem, then periodic scheduled scanning and cleaning should be performed according to the operations of the computer.

A computer user that installs and uninstalls frequently needs to scan his registry at least once a month, while a user that performs little installation and possess a good antivirus can make do with performing a registry scan once every four months.

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