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3 Incredibly Simple Steps to Become a Video Game Tester

If you’re aspiring to be a professional game tester and wish to land video game tester jobs, then there is no better time to get started than the present. More & more game developers are springing to life every year — therefore, a whole lot more testing positions and jobs are regularly opening up to game testers. With that being said, the market is ripe for any and every new tester to build up his/her reputation and gain the title of “professional video game tester”.

To get started on your path of video game testing success, follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1: Develop Contacts, Make Friends, Build Connections

Looking in the classified ads section of your newspaper isn’t going to help you find video game tester jobs. It would be extremely convenient if that were the case, but it isn’t; so don’t get your hopes up. Rather than waiting around and hoping a developer contacts you out of the blue for a testing job (fat chance), you have to get yourself out there and go to them.

Anyone you come in contact with in the video game industry could be a valuable resource for you. He/she might be that vital contact that “could” put in the good word for you when it comes to new testing jobs. That being said, be sure to handle yourself professionally with every person you come in contact with. By approaching paid video game testing as a job and not just some “weekend hobby”, developing reliable contacts won’t be a problem.

Step 2: Be Serious, Not Goofy

First and foremost, game testing is a job — it’s not play time. In light of that fact, take your assignments seriously and don’t slack off. When you get your first video game tester job — which is quite likely so long as you have a PC or next-gen console — do everything the company asks and more. By ensuring that your work is top-notch stuff, not only will you impress the developer but you’ll increase your chances of getting additional games to test from that company; plus, you’ll acquire another great reference for other game developers.

An important thing to remember when testing video games is to take clear, legible notes. The easier your reports are to read and understand, the easier & quicker it is for programmers to find and fix the game’s problems. This may not seem like a big deal, but it really is; as faster game fixes lead to easily met deadlines for game developers.

Don’t forget to send in your bug/glitch reports on time! If you’re late with your reports, it screams “unreliable game tester”; so get them in on time, every time.

Step 3: Don’t Stop, Keep Going!

Seeing that first video game testing paycheck in your hand may cause you to bloom with happiness and pride, but don’t let those feelings go to your head. Do your little celebration and then get right back out there and do what you’ve been doing; making contacts, applying for jobs, and completing testing assignments. The more video game tester jobs you complete, the more likely you are to land better, higher paying assignments in the future.

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