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A Fantastic Holiday in Brasilia

Undoubtedly, Brasilia is an arresting magnum opus of modernist architecture which has earned the designation of UNESCO Heritage Site and catches the fancy of architecture admirers from all across the globe. In addition, it is a significant transportation center for tourism within the country as well.

Let’s have a look at some prominent and beautiful tourist attractions in the city…

Three Powers Square
It comprises of seats of Brazil’s three uppermost authorities, i.e., Supreme Court, Presidential Palace and Congress. Os Candangos is the name given to two abstract figures’ statuette which stands for the ground-breaking temperament of those laborers who carried out the work of constructing Brasilia. Besides, it also boasts an imposing “blind justice” figurine, model as well as museum. Moreover, the Brazilian flag here is well-recognized for being the planet’s biggest flag hoisted on a regular basis.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
This enchanting charm possesses every type of cultural event and exhibition such as musical concerts, thematic movie festivals, Russian paintings, plays, photography and documentaries are just to name a few. However, it does not have any permanent attraction or exhibition; therefore, it is recommended to check for the program prior to visiting the site or you can simply go there, as it surely has something engrossing and delightful.

Dom Bosco Church
It is an exquisite contemporary marvel which is constructed on stained glass and concrete. Several people are of the opinion that the writings of Bosco, an Italian priest in the nineteenth century, predicted the establishment of this city, i.e., Brasilia. Vast and stunning crystal chandelier that is dangling from ceiling in square church’s middle is truly awe-inspiring and spellbinding.

Paranoá Lake
Pontao boasts of a park and lakeside eateries whilst Ermida Dom Bosco chapel offers breathtaking vistas of Brasilia from around Lake. It is a perfect site to enjoy popular and gorgeous sunsets of the city. Vacationers may also revel in swimming in Ecological Park’s lake as well as in Centro Olímpico.

Television Tower
This is probably the finest spot for relishing an all-embracing view of the captivating urban. Besides, it has a nice food and crafts market as well and there is no entry fee for trippers who wish to explore the charming attraction.

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