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Football Fever and Merchandise mania

“Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” – Quote by Vince Lombardi, Late American player
“There’s two times of year for me: Football season, and waiting for football season.” – Quote by Darius Rucker, American musician.

Do you know which the most popular game in the world is? Well it’s not cricket for sure. The game which has this honor is football also known as soccer in the North American continent. This game is played in all the countries recognized by the United Nations and the world cup played every four years draws the largest TV audience for any event in the world. The game is played by millions as well as watched by millions on TV and in packed stadiums during league tournaments or others.

In India, the game is also in its take off stage. As with other sports, hockey has been in the shadows of cricket. Now with the success of the Indian super league (the game’s own version of premier league in India ) and the rising interest in the game due to satellite TV exposure, great days lie for this game. Indians are now also familiar with the exploits of Wayne Rooney, kaka, Rolando and Steven Gerard. Move over Tendulkar, the new hero for India is Sunil Chhetri, the talented young player making waves all over.

Till now those suffering from football fever looking to buy Official Football Merchandise had to turn to friends & relatives abroad to satisfy their needs. However now due to the advent of the World Wide Web they can now buy football online in India. Instead of depending on others one can now buy Football Merchandise Online in India.

For soccer fans such as Sumit Chhabra, aged 40 years based in North Bombay and Shankar Sarkar in Calcutta this is great news. They can now lay their hands on genuine 100% authentic Official Football Merchandise in India. Yippee! Ache din have arrived for football fans like never before. Sumit can now buy football online in India for his young son Ishan who is a budding football player and hopes to take up this game seriously in the years to come. Sumit can gift his football loving son a huge variety of football merchandise which will be appreciated and loved by football fans, young and old alike.

So if you are a dedicated football fan who watches live all the matches of the English premier league or a budding Pele in the making, this is the time to rejoice. You now have the option to buy Football Merchandise Online in India, from the comfort of your homes and offices. Spread the good word and cheer all around. These select merchandise also make for great gifts for loved ones who are passionate about the game. See their faces light up as they unwrap beautiful and useful memorabilia. So if you are keen on key rings or coffee mugs or fridge magnets, this is your day in the sun, go for it

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