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Madrid Commercial Centers

Lately quite a few commercial centers have popped up close to Madrid and offer a combination of Spanish retailers and worldwide brands. Some even move more including Movie theatre as well as sports complexes! Here we list only the largest and best Madrid shopping centers!

Retail complex centers are the ideal choice for combining amusement, purchasing and family in Madrid. The bigger retail complex centers are spread out all across the borders of Madrid and are simply reached. Probably the most visited Madrid departmental stores usually are Madrid-Xanad, Plaza-Norte, Las Rozas Village, Prncipe Po and Dreams Palacio de Hielo (Palace of Ice). The mix of shopping and amusement is nicely associated at El Cort Ingls, the largest chain of department stores in Spain.

Xanadu is a multiple level sports and shopping center located towards the south of the area on the side of the A-5 motorway. Simply reached by Auto, Bus or Taxi it is also provides for differently abled people and small children. Additionally, it contains the biggest indoor skiing slope in Europe

PlazaNorte2 is set among the biggest Madrid shopping complex simply to the north of the urban center. The identical complex also plays host to several independent stores and housewares stores using their own buildings such as Ikea, Carrefour, Decimas however featuring a 200 plus stores PlazaNorte2 dominates the area. PlazaNorte2 has a large number of cafes as well as bars for equally day and night

Sexta Avenida took its name from the actual complexs position along at the side of the A-6 route. This strategic locaction means that its 100 plus shops can be reached by Caqr Bus or Train.

Las Rozas Village An outlet center for the principal and independent fashion houses located close to the Sexta avenida shopping mall.

El Jardin de Serrano Located in the Heart of Madrids shopping district this centre, however smaller than the out of city centers, is one of the few one-stop shopping centers at your fingertips of most Madrid resorts. Somewhere to while away an afternoon in case still recuperating from the jetlag?

Well positioned, Prncipe Po is actually 100 meters from the Royal Palace and the Almudena. Entry to the shopping center can be obtained by talking a stroll through the particular royal gardens from Puerta del Sol.

The Dreams Palace de Hielo is a shopping, leisure and sports centre with the most effective ice skating rinks in all of Europe. Along with the shopping it offers shows, dining establishments, in addition to an interior swimming pool, a gymnasium, a solarium and a bowling alley.

El Corte Ingls is the largest chain retail store in Spain. In its big stores one can find practically everything. El Corte Ingls has several complexes throughout Madrid. The product quality and service are perfect in all shops, though along with that fineness come greater costs than some other retailers. Along with the mall products, El Corte Ingls gives all types of different services: travel companies, hair salons, real-estate and insurance agencies. All of their complexes also offers specialization in a specific product: trend, sports, music, etc.

The shopping centers mentioned here are the bigger ones, nevertheless there may be several additional more compact complexes that one could uncover in all the city.

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