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Spinal Cord Injury Treatment in Germany with Stem Cells

Injuries to the spinal cord are difficult to heal. They take quite some time if you are young; however the case is entirely different if you are old. The body loses its capacity to regenerate new cells and replace them with damaged ones. With the help of stem cell treatment however, the cells are regenerated and replaced. The problem however is that not many countries have perfected this medical technology. If you wish to be treated by this treatment then it would be best that you get a medical visa for countries like Germany.

Stem cell treatment can be used for cosmetic purposes or other medical purposes. The works of the treatment however remain the same. If you wish to understand the works of this treatment then read the points mentioned below; this entire treatment lasts no longer than five weeks.

* The first step includes in extracting the stem cells from the fetus. Once this is done these cells are isolated, purified and prepared for the clinical treatment.
* The second phase includes injecting the cells in the patient. This can be done by three ways; intravenous injection, lumbar puncture and tissue injection.
* The third step involves in observing the patient and the affects of the treatment on the patient.

When a trauma occurs to the back bone, the myelopathy gets damaged. These are fibers which carry the messages from and to the brain. The stem cell treatment basically focuses on replacing the damaged myelopathy and fixes the link between the body and the brain. This is how the stem cell treatment cures the functionality issue of the body. Diseases like leukemia can also be treated by this therapy; however the outcome depends on the current condition of the patient. Multiple sclerosis is another disease which can be treated with stem cells.

If you are having mild headaches after the treatment then you need not to worry, but should report it to the concerned doctors. 15 % of the patients who got stem cells injected in them via lumbar puncture had mild headaches. Lumbar puncture is the method in which the prepared stem cells are injected directly in the spinal cord. Stem cell treatment basically involves a lot of research work, something which only a few countries have invested in. if you wish to get the treatment in Germany then you need to get a medical visa.

There are certain requirements which you need to fulfill in order to get a German medical visa. For starters you would need a recommendation from your local doctor for an abroad medical treatment. You would need an official letter from a hospital in Germany stating that they offer this treatment, along with its estimate cost and duration. You would need to pay the hospital expenses in advance and attach it your documents. You would also need to show some proof that you would be able to bear the financial expenses for your stay in Germany for the duration of entire treatment.

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