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The Latest FIFA Gossip For The Year 2010

The eminent Football tournament- FIFA is being organized on the African homeland this year, for the first time. The prestigious Soccer tournament has emerged as a real center of attraction for all the sport fans. Even the Hollywood and the Bollywood actors find it hard to resist the FIFA fever! I am sure that you must be familiar with the latest gossips related to FIFA. Let me spill the beans!

1. Our Shakira rules the Rumor chart, once again! Shakira- the famous, evergreen, Queen of Melodies has set out with the hottest gossips related to her official World Cup Anthem. This African Soccer hymn was created on the South African soils, on tenth of June. The African natives have expressed their discontent because a Latin singer was chosen to host this song. As per RJ Jenny William’s report, the famous “Waka Waka” or “This Time for Africa” has raised a great hullabaloo among the African citizens, who bitterly criticize the Musical pact made between the African Football fraternity and the vocalist! Oh! It’s a hard time for you Shakky babes!

2. Will Astrology shape the Future of this Grand Soccer Tournament? Most of us have often wondered, as to which Team shall bring home the Football trophy this year. Being a die-hard patron, we all support our favorite football teams with great excitement. But, let us find out an answer to this question.My family friend is an astrologer so I thought of getting his opinion. To my surprise, he has prophesied some great events!

The enthusiastic soccer patrons may find this weird but, most of the people have resorted to Astrology and Tarot card reading, for finding out an answer to this question! I had recently contacted one of the most recognized Tarot Card Predictors of my town. He has prophesied some of the most astonishing theories regarding team performance and individual activities. As suggested by the Sun and the Stars, it appears as if team Argentina is all prepared for putting up a wonderful performance! Though the team members are displaying great energy and enthusiasm, but, this world cup surely does not belong to Argentina this time. Brazil, (my favorite) seems to make good amount of cash this time. My favorite players are working hard this time, and they will surely earn fame and fortune! England presents an entire package of pleasant surprise. Alas, the Spanish players, on the other hand, seem confused and stressed out. Spain will strive hard to maintain its place, but, the stars are favoring the opponents.

Italy is disappointing me now. The Cutie-pie Italian athletes require skillful strategies and a solid Game plan. Victory seems hard for Team Italy.

Team Italy has to work hard. They need careful planning and finest strategies to reach the top. In a nut shell, the generous Lady Fortune is smiling in favor of Brazil. In any case, the die-hard football fans need not be disappointed. It is just a piece of fake gossip. The real fun is yet to become!

In short, Luck seems to favor Brazil this time. In any case the die-hard soccer fans need not worry. Stop being a “Cry Baby” now! These were mere predictions, and Astrology is not always true! So, this was all about FIFA. Chit-chat is over now. But rumors will remain attached to this grand tournament. You need to check out the recent gossip tales, they are really surprising!

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