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Top Five Football Players

Football has been around since ages, people all over the world are all passionate
about it. To write on a topic that is close to my heart and just to describe just
about 5 great footballers is getting on my nerves. Nevertheless this is a list from
the current footballers and I do not miss on many great icons. Choosing five current
great footballers would best define the following selection.

1) Ronaldinho :-

He plays for Brazil national team and is an attacking Midfielder. Watching him play
on the field is like beautiful artistry in action. He is the World Footballer of the
Year and also the European Footballer of the Year if I am not mistaken. This man is
magical in his strides he knows the tricks of the trade and does dribbling; taking
free-kicks, penalties; crossing the ball into penalty box for the strikers with
ease. Critics were silenced when he was named FIFA World Player of the Year in 2004,
following a tradition of Brazilian stars who won the award while representing
Barcelona. According to the Forbes magazine, he is listed among the highest paid
footballers of 2011. Though he is not the most handsome looking man in football
history, but his enthusiasm and his energy on the field is simply astounding

2) Petr Cech :-

He plays for Serbia and Montenegro national team and is a Goalkeeper. He plays for
Chelsea Football Club in the English Premier League. It is very difficult for the
opponent to pass through and make a goal. With sharp reflexes as his, he is indeed a
strong asset to the team.

3) Thierry Henry :-

Thierry Henry, is the best striker in the work. His pace, and control is truly
remarkable. He has almost every quality required for a striker – pace; goal scoring
instinct, passing ability, etc. but he is not known for his goal scoring prowess
through headers. He plays for Arsenal Football Club in the English Premier League.
Very few athletes make a mark for themselves in their respective sport that Thierry
Henry has. No question one of the most talented soccer players of the last decade,
Henry’s terrific control makes him an unbeatable star.

4) Wayne Rooney :-

He plays for the England national team and is a Striker. He become the youngest
player ever to score a goal in England’s top division, and made the entire nation
proud. After leading Manchester United to three straight league titles, earning a
UEFA Champions League Crown he is a star to reckon. He is also the most
influential and charismatic player in his Club side. His pace and striking ability
are superb are simply superb.

5) Messi

Ronaldo and Messi have been compared time in again for how they play the sport.
Nevertheless his balling skills speak more than words. He may not be as charming as
the former, but his play on the field speaks for itself. At just 22 years old, the
young Argentinian has already established himself as the undisputed best in the
world, by winning every league trophy with FC Barcelona including four La Liga

There are other legends in the past that will always be the icons of football for me
such as Pele, Maradona, Roberto Baggio, Franz Beckenbauer, the list just goes on.
But sticking to current players the above ones made the cut.

About the Author:Thomas is a freelance guest writer for quite some
years now. Have been sharing my thoughts online about the topics I am well versed
and passionate about. Football has always been my passion-I can eat, drink and
sleep Football. Times have changed and in recent times, one can check online for sport tickets and the real fight when seen upfront is incomparable to any other feat in life.My other interests include Art, Interior Design and Cooking.

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