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United’s 70,000 people for Korea Kings cheer

Manchester United home game against Everton in today’s match, promoted to the Reds ‘

Club Ambassador, Park JI-Sung, accompanied by mentor Sir Alex Ferguson’s personal

appearance at Old Trafford. Before the match began, Ferguson came to the tunnel,

smiling with the Korea people chatting, recalling a mentoring affectionately. Together

with Park JI-Sung to Old Trafford that day and his wife Jin Minzhi, the famous Korea

artists also show a great affinity for his own side, three also leaves a precious photo

in the tunnel.

But in the brilliant General who helped the Red Devils made 7 years the moment I enter

the theatre of dreams, Old Trafford audience more than 70,000 fans as in the old days

represent three lung park entrance applause are welcome, next to Ferguson in tightly,

retired Alex for the Korea King purposely appeared in the theatre of dreams,

demonstration of Manchester United Park JI-Sung’s attention. When standing on the Old

Trafford turf again, when asked again the unforgettable feeling here, Korea men

excitedly said: “I feel very, very good, this is where I was very emotional at the

moment. “And while Ferguson also told the crowd:” Park always the team one of the most

disciplined, he was able to contribute 100% of passion, completed all the tasks you

give him. “

Earlier in learned that himself obtained par Bobby-Charlton, and Ann di-Cole, and

Dennis-labor, people of glory Hou, Korea people exception excited: “I is happy can

back, here of atmosphere, here of weather, all are is so familiar, dang Club proposed

let I became Ambassador of requirements Shi, I was incredible, certainly also willing

to accept, in retired zhihou, this on I for is a new of role, I is looks forward to

this copies new of work. “

In United Park JI-Sung was fans dubbed for “three lung Park”, since 2005 by Egyptian

due to Johns Hopkins temperature transfer and to Hou, he which fame of big range runs

and first-class of dedicated spirit, support with Korea people in old Sir Alex men

spent has full 7 a season, for red magic in each article front debut 205 times, scored

27 ball, force help United 4 claimed Premier champion (including 07-09 years of Triple

Crown), 3 holds League Cup, 2 claimed Community Shield Cup, addition holds have

component very heavy of 2007/ 2008 season Champions Trophy and next year’s World Cup.

Three lung Park in United Left has many high light moments: early in 2005, Park JI-sung

in against Lille of Champions League events in the substitute debut, directly took has

Giggs of Captain armband, this also marks he became wear European giants ball will

captain armband of Asia first people; and in 2009 of Champions League semi-final in

the, United guest chiefs Stadium challenge arsenal, Korea people in subsection 8

minutes scored personal Champions League career in the most key of a ball, this is has

later Ronaldo of even into two ball. FIFA 15 Coins His 3-1 win over the Gunners opened the scoring to

help the team, rounding out the final finals.

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