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What To Eat And Drink While You Are In New York

New York’s social life thrives on wining and dining, and with a diversity of cultures and ethnic influences in this city there is something to please to every visitor. There are more famous chefs in New York than in any other city in America, and whether you dine at Asia due Cuba or grab a pizza from Lombardi’s, one thing is for sure – you will love the bars and restaurants of New York!

In midtown, the elegant place to eat would be at the 21 club, and if a young swinging place is preferred then China Grill is the place to visit. Jean Georges and French Asian Vong are also excellent places to get a fine meal. If you are in a hurry, then try the massive sandwich at Carnegie deli. Not too far from Times Square are the romantic Puttanesca and the famous family run chez napoleon. Don’t forget to try he desserts at Cupcake Caf.

Gramercy and union square possess some of the finest dining places in New York which include the gramercy tavern and the union square caf. Pete’s tavern is the place to relax. This tavern has an old and rich history. In west village, the favorite place to eat would be the Gotham bar and grill or the romantic one by land. In east village, there are plenty of funky hip bars and inexpensive ethnic restaurants. But a touch of old New York is revived at the Lanza Restaurant.

Soho is a great place for socialization, and Mercer kitchen serves some of the most exquisite cuisines as does its rival Balthazar which lies just a few blocks away. The places where the socialites of Soho gather together at are the Raoul’s and Boom.

In tribeca the famous restaurateur Drew Nieporant serves amazing Japanese food at Nobu, and American cuisine at Tribeca Grill. You could also decide to sip some champagne at the Bubble Lounge and try out the flashy and modern Odeon.

A visit to Mulberry Street in little Italy offers you the whole lot from veal to pasta. For pizza lovers Lombardi’s is the top place.

Enter Asia without stepping out of Manhattan, yes that is possible, all you require to do is to visit Chinatown. The place provides huge range of Asian cuisine, and the food could also be purchased through bargaining. However for excellent food the places recommended would be Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant or Big Wong king. If you can have noodles at any time during the day, then you certainly need to go to New York noodle town.

There is a large variety of good and reasonable restaurants and bars in New York. No matter what time of the day or night it is, or in which district of New York you are in, there is a variety of options available to you to get a drink and a good meal.

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