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World Football Challenge Tickets – Team Profile: AC Milan

The World Football Challenge is coming to America in July of 2009. AC Milan, Club America, Chelsea FC and Inter Milan will arrive in the United States to play in what promises to be an exciting and highly entertaining battle royale. In case you haven’t been up on all of the club soccer news in the past, we’re here to give you American soccer enthusiasts a little information about the teams in the Challenge. Ladies and gentlemen, meet AC Milan. You can see this team when you go online to purchase World Football Challenge tickets.

Club Basics
Associazione Calcio Milan, or more commonly AC Milan, or just Milan, is an Italian Serie-A professional football team hailing from, you guessed it, Milan, Italy. Milan is one of the best soccer teams in the Italian league, and one of the most successful and famous international soccer teams. AC Milan won the FIFA Club World Cup in 2007, as well the Italian Football Championship several times. The team is known for attracting top flight talent from all over the globe, especially South America. In terms of professional sports in America, they might be considered on par with successful basketball teams like the Lakers or Celtics.

Jersey Sponsor
Milan’s jersey stands out for its unique coloring. Red and black vertical stripes adorn the jersey top, and across the middle there’s a big “bwin logo. American sports fans might not have an idea of what bwin is, so we’ll give you the basics. The name bwin is comes from the longer name Betandwin site, an Austrian online gambling company. The company mostly specializes in sports betting and online poker. While it might seem a little odd that a gambling company would be so visually connected to a pro sports team to Americans, who are used to pro sports leagues trying as hard as they can to distance themselves from any sort of connection to Las Vegas or gambling, apparently this is not such a big deal in Europe.

Star Players
Kaka – On a team full of Brazilian stars, Kaka is probably the biggest. In fact, he’s one of the highest paid, most high-profile players in the game today. Kaka plays on the Brazilian National Team and as recently as 2007 he was named the FIFA World Player of the Year, an honor that other soccer greats like Ronaldinho have won.

Ronaldinho – Speaking of Brazilian National Team members who play for AC Milan and like to win the FIFA World Player of the Year, Ronaldinho! While Kaka plays more of a forward-attacking midfielder, Ronaldinho is more of an attacking midfielder-center midfielder. Ronaldinho won the FIFA World Player of the Year in back-to-back seasons in 2004 and 2005, and his somewhat goofy face and easy smile is instantly recognizable to soccer fans across the world.

Emerson and Dida and Alexandre Pato are also popular team members. Emerson is a defensive midfield who has played internationally for other teams like Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayer Leverkusen. Dida is the team’s goalie, also a Brazilian Team member. Forward Alexandre Pato racks up a lot of goals, but he’s still fairly young. Paolo Maldini is arguably the most popular Italian player on the team.

Bottom Line
AC Milan would be a great team to follow if you like the Brazilian National Team or if you like a team with a lot of international stars. While the jerseys are hard on the eyes, the footwork should keep you plenty distracted.

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