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The Sears store sells everything for the home.  You are able to go in and see brand new appliances large and small including AC units of all sizes, brands and types.  If you know the size that you need to cool your room down then you would be able to go into a Sears store, pick one out and bring it home that day.  When you buy an AC unit, you can install it and have it running that day too.  It does not take a lot of prep work to install an AC unit.  Once you clear the window, remove the screen, place the AC unit in the window with the back towards the outside sliding it until the lip catches the front of the window.  In some of the homes you may see where a shelf had been attached to the outside of the window to hold the weight of the AC unit you bought to lessen the strain on the frame.

Once you have the window brought down on top of the AC unit you will have side vents to pull on both sides to cover the opening of the window to the window frame.  From there you will simply plug the AC unit in and start it.  It will take a little bit for the AC unit to cool down the room if it is warm but once the correct temperature is achieved you can leave the setting alone and let the AC unit continue to run.  Depending on the size of the AC unit you buy, the prices can range anywhere from one hundred dollars to four hundred dollars at a Sears store?  You would have to take into consideration any of the functions the AC unit has and the size you bought.

There are some people that buy AC units that automatically shut off after a certain amount of time.  This is a great feature if it is a room that you leave and forget to shut things off.  Then you know that the AC unit will not continue to run and will be off by the time you were to go back to the room saving you money.  Others like to have a feature where it may include heat and leave the AC unit in all year round using for AC and heat.  There are so many designs and types today offered to every at Sears that you honestly have to compare what it is you really want and need for your home.

Once you get it home you will be glad you made the choice to buy it at Sears.  Sears has been a household name for years and has a great reputation.  You know if you have questions or need information they will still be around for you to go back and ask.  Consider your local Sears store when it is time for you to buy an AC unit for your home.

Shawn Hickman is the Search Marketing Manager for Sears Home Improvements . If you need more information on AC Units , visit the Central Heating and Air section of our site or call 1-866-238-5142.

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