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Read Worry About Buying A Small Screen Lcd Tv’s Three Skills – Buy, Lcd, Skills – Hc Network

17 inches to 29 inches the size,
CRT TV has a long and fierce battle, most recently, in
Turn a bit and found the two not yet a winner, as the small size of TV is almost the only choice, to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two, weighing pros and cons to choose their own products is very important.

Volume thickness
Due to the principle of limited
This has obvious advantages on the LCD TV. CRT TV electron gun must
The electron beam can reach all parts of the screen image, picture tube can not do a very short neck tube, CRT TV is bound to have more volume and thickness, even with a short stem of the tube thickness will be 400 mm. The LCD TV screen on the electrode through the control of liquid crystal display molecular state to achieve the purpose, will naturally not be particularly large in size, but also in weight than the same display area of the CRT TV display is much lighter. LCD TVs generally about 100 mm thickness for CRT TV’s 1 / 3 to 1 / 4.


Brightness is under the bright TV screen in the white level, the unit is cd /? Square candle, or nit lumens. LCD is a range of substances between the liquid and crystal, it can be controlled by the current degree of light penetration in order to show the image. However, the LCD does not illuminate itself, and therefore all need to backlight LCD TV
, Also determines the brightness of backlight
Brightness. Mainstream LCD brightness is generally 450 to 550cd/m2. CRT TV the average brightness in each level. In theory, high brightness, the screen shows the level it is even more rich, thereby enhancing the display quality, but not the higher brightness of the more good, mainly from
The point of view. LCD TV’s brightness with its technological advances are still rising, the 7th generation LCD panel has reached 800cd/m2 or higher, I am afraid that the next LCD CRT TV the opportunity to win a chip.


Contrast is defined as: when the same point of the brightest (white) and darkest (for black) is the ratio of brightness, high contrast ratio means a relatively high brightness and bright colors show the degree. LCD TV’s backlight is lit continuously, while the LCD
Not completely block light, so to achieve the full black screen is very difficult, this will definitely affect the show
Levels of abundance. Contrast is the direct embodiment of the LCD TV can reflect the rich color scale parameters, the higher the contrast ratio, restore a sense, the better the picture level, the higher the image’s sharpness, the more clear image. LCD TVs are now generally in the 400:1 to 600:1 contrast ratio, and CRT TV to a comparable level.


Physical resolution LCD TV with fixed characteristics, LCD TV work in the non-standard resolution will result in display image distortion. CRT TV to switch on the resolution, as long as the deflection voltage to adjust the electron gun, do not consider the electron beam will hit the screen next to the point, so you can easily change the resolution. Usually the small screen LCD TV resolution of 800 * 600 in this grade, there are also considerable lower, but generally not more than the same grade CRT’s minds.

Number of colors

Subject to the imaging principle, LCD TVs can only display 262,144 kinds of colors (18-bit color), show 1,600 colors available in the market for LCD TVs is dithering algorithm to render, so in the smooth gradation level is still less than CRT TV, CRT display of colors theoretically.

Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is displayed in front of the screen to see the image to the maximum extent, and over this range graphics will appear clear. Viewing angle is divided into horizontal and vertical viewing angle, respectively, from the middle of the picture to the left and right means (horizontal) and down (vertical) to see the scope of images, which are mostly symmetrical viewing angle horizontal and vertical viewing angle is not necessarily, If the horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle the same will be better.

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