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The Best Vista Registry Cleaner

Unfortunately, Vista still relies on the registry to work. This is the central database which your PC needs in order to work, and is one of the main causes of problems that Windows has. Luckily, registry cleaners have been produced to fix the registry, but which are the best for Vista?

Vista is one of the most advanced operating systems you can buy, but it still relies on the registry to work. This is the central database for your computer, which stores all your settings and options for your PC. It’s home to everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper, allowing your computer to remember various settings and options for your PC. This is all good, but the problem is that the registry often become corrupted due to overuse.

Because the registry database is basically a bunch of registry files, Windows is constantly adding and updating 100’s of these files every time you use your PC. This means that your computer is transferring hundreds of files without you even knowing, which unfortunately leads to it becoming confused and saving some of the files in the wrong way. When your PC saves these registry files wrong, it actually corrupts them, which makes them hard to read, slowing your computer down and causing numerous errors.

Top stop this form happening, you just need to use a registry cleaner to fix all the broken files. However, because Vista is so new, it introduced a lot of features which many of the old registry cleaners simply don’t know how to handle. Essentially, in order to be sure you can clean out Vista properly, you need to be able to use a registry cleaner which can recognize all the problematic files inside the new registry of Vista…. and from our experience, there’s one registry cleaner which does this very well. It’s called RegFresh and is actually very new.

RegFresh has only been around for a few months, but has created a storm on several highly popular download sites. It’s become so popular because of a new type of technology it uses to find more problems than most other registry cleaners on the market. Also, because it’s so new, it’s been specifically designed to fix the Vista registry as well.

You can check out exactly why RegFresh is the best Vista registry cleaner by checking out my site.

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